Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So when not running around saving the world (it's called irony, people), I like to cook. This is no surprise to readers of my blog. I decided a while ago (almost a year ago) that I was going to get out of my cooking comfort zone and start experimenting and actually adding to my repertoire rather than sticking to what I know (I just defined what coming out of a comfort zone means....this obviously means I am fresh off a mission where I am used to saying the same thing in four different ways so that everyone on the room can understand what it is). ANYHOW...I love duck and so, tonight, I am going to cook duck! One of my absolute fave things to eat is confit du canard. One of the travesties that I have experienced with duck is something the Brits call crispy duck and it's gross and is served in Chinese restaurants. It tastes like nothing. Or perhaps I had a really bad version of it. It reminded me of poppadums and chutney served in an Indian restaurant in the UK and everyone thinks it's THE thing to have and eat and an Indian meal is not complete without it. It annoys me. Greatly. But I digress....the topic du jour is DUCK!

I've never cooked duck before in my life. A slight issue but not something that cannot be solved. And that's the whole point.

I polled my foodie tweeps. Got some GREAT suggestions from @cooksisterblog @cookinacurry and @RushinaMG went the extra step and actually emailed me a recipe. I am not a foodie blogger type, I just blog when I feel like it, but since I did poll people and they made the effort, I figure I should also make the effort and blog it so that they can see what the result was in the end.

I tend to look at recipes but not really use them. Most effective for me has been actually watching someone cook...I can read recipes all I want but seeing is just different and it works better for me. I need to see what the timings are, what things should look like and then beyond that...it's me. I adapt according to my tastes and those of the people I am feeding. I think it's why I love Alton Brown's show. He actually explains food and the chemistry of it so then I can figure out what mixes with what and what the reaction might be. My mom would also say, don't put in the tomatoes in until the end of the simmer process, or the lemon juice should be added just at the end and I still don't know why chemically, however, I do know it makes sense what she says. One day I will figure out why.

OK...so duck adventure is on. Stay tuned for what actually happens. I should probably take photos, but I have just an iPhone. That might be a first...nasty iPhone photos to compliment a foodie blog post.

And very fitting for someone like me.