Monday, November 08, 2010

We are all stalkers

I just looked at the live feed on who comes from where to view this blog. I can't see WHO you are dear readers, however, I can see where you are coming from.

So, the people who do a search for f zehra know me. There are tons of searches for just zehra and zehra rizvi and there are lots of zehras and zehra rizvis out there...

Some of you arrive direct. Interesting. Some of you are still arriving from facebook. I deactivated facebook, so I am indeed curious how you do that.

That was fun and I've been dying to update my facebook status to say, I DEACTIVATED! I am free of facebook! Except I can't do that anymore obviously. The withdrawal symptoms of leaving facebook have faded by now.

I'm back from home Pakistan by the way. It was a pretty amazing experience. I am still deconstructing it in my head and will write about it in all probability.

Anyhow, if you know me and come onto my blog...send me some love. It makes me want to write and that should make it easier for you to stalk me, no? Especially since there is no facebook to track my EVERY movement :)

Amazing but I can still function without a passive audience watching my every move. I miss talking people on be fair, I had zero time in Pakistan to do that, but still. My sisters and I are close so they have had to adjust to not being able to stalk me as well.

We go old school talk to each other.

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