Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Oh man....check out Jamie Oliver's new place called Barbecoa in London.


Read the story of the place and how they started it. I love good stories. And and and and and...they have a butchers shop downstairs! I am so jealous. So very very jealous. I want one too...cept of course, I'm not the greatest chef (I'm ok), and I don't have the patience to have a restaurant etc etc...but still...I WANT.

The menu is amazing...they have all sorts of bar b q ovens all over the place...

I am drooling.

I hate Jamie Oliver's tweets by the way...he misspells everything and they are like half thoughts etc. You have 140 characters, dude, it's not that hard. But anyhow, he has redeemed himself in my eyes by this new restaurant. I have no idea what other restaurants he has, actually, but still...this one looks FREAKIN COOL and I want it.

Calling London! We will be going there when I'm in town. Along with my three other faves: Sake No Hana (posh Japanese in posh part of town...I can't recall exactly where but close to that place where you get baskets. Something & Something or maybe it's just something something), Cafe Helen (awesome late night shwarma, Edgeware road), and Tayyabs (amazing Pakistani food...STAND IN LINE....I swear to you, it's worth it-East Aldgate). The other one to add to my list of London places actually is also Poule a Pot...I think that's what its Orange near Sloan Square and Victoria stations. Great for winter to go into this cosy cosy place and eat lovely lovely French food. Mmmmmmm

I just ate daal and chawal. Nothing in the world beats that.

Still, I'm coming Jamie. Make way.

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