Friday, August 20, 2010


I'm listening to music that reminds me of my time in Uganda. Not because it's Ugandan or anything but just because I used to listen to it all the time while working. It's great how music can transport one. Sometimes great, sometimes not so great when you recall that you aren't still in that moment. Hah!

My weird dreams are continuing. Today was a big day for them. Not sure WHAT is going on...the last one, it's like I couldn't open my eyes and couldn't see. My younger sister was annoying me for some reason and I finally got away from her and was in this cubicle and was charging my iPhone near a sandwich and all of a sudden, the whole thing started smoking. I was able to unplug it but the smoke was still coming and I couldn't see it. I would close my eyes and could tell that there was light outside but when I would open my eyes, I couldn't see a thing. And I needed to see since there was smoke still coming from stuff. And, typically, I didn't want to ask for help since I was in an office type environment even though I think it was full of my family. I kept rubbing my eyes and trying to open them and squinting. Kept turning lights on and off since I felt like I was looking at things in the dark. The lights would pretend to work, then not work at all and then work with SUPER dim lighting which is worse.

I HATED that dream. It must totally suck to be blind and lose your sight like that.

Good anxiety dream. Well done, me.

In my earlier dream I was certifiable insane.

Great. Really, that's just great.

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