Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More music!

Why not continue on a theme I love...music.

The last post wasn't so much about it as it turns out.

Been listening to lots of music, especially since I am working from home right now. I love how music can do so many different things to me.

I have three favorite songs at the moment...well, more than three, but three different bands. Let's see if I can post them all up right now.

Song number one...by Travis (I know nothing about them...I should probably look them up). This song showed up on my genius playlist and I fell in love with it. I dance around in my apt to it all by myself. It makes me happy in a strange way.

Second video...kinda annoying that I can't actually get the real video up. I discovered V V Brown since it was free on iTunes and I was like, awesome! And i just rediscovered this song last night...and now it's on repeat. Another one that makes me happy just to sing it out loud and shout.

And the third...Scouting for Girls. Their new album. I downloaded it. It's the first new music I've bought in a long time. There are way too many songs to put up but one as an example posted below. My other favorites are: On the Radio, Good Time Girl, and Take A Chance On Us. I read a review of the album which wasn't great. They said it was all toooo perfect. All made for the radio. It's true. But I unabashedly love pop songs :)

I need to listen to Mumford&Sons. I keep hearing about them. Haven't yet, knowingly, listened to one of their songs. Maybe I should do that now. Stay tuned!

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