Monday, August 30, 2010

Friends...and other things.

I'm glad I have the ones I love.

Have been playing catch up with everyone after a very hectic and chaotic first 6 months of the year. It's been amazing to see people and to reconnect with them.

Helps that the weather has been amazing and that I do love being in NYC. I have begun to realize (and this would have been blasphemy a few months back), but it's not about the place. NYC is just a backdrop. And a gorgeous one at that, but's just a place. It is in fact, about the people that are there.

I have friends from all over just popping up. I was telling one last night that I am not interested in making new friends. I don't really want to make the effort with them. I like the friends I have. I like seeing them. And I am making an effort with them. To reconnect, to hang out, to be with them. I do miss it when I don't have it. It's one of the things I like to complain about when not 'home'.

It's interesting..Micky and I were talking about this...the web and network that I can sustain. He likes friends and people in a place, a location, where he stays in touch with them right there. I have a more amorphous friend network. And I keep it alive. I have lots of friends and I love that I can see many of them right here in NYC but the others, I keep alive. In a variety of different ways. Some of them don't get along with each other but everyone has something in common.

They like me. That's important :)
More importantly, they know who I am. That I will stay in touch sporadically but we will pick up from where we left off, maybe play catch up, maybe not, but we are who we are and even if we change, somehow, it's ok. We are still the friends that we are. I love that.

Living this close to Haiti has its perks as well. I keep hosting people coming through and I love it. We had Luca here last week and Tom is coming tonight. Overnight stops at our place. I am glad to be out of Haiti. Pakistan is looming and that is an overdue post but it's coming. Chances are I will be there in Sept but not sure exactly how and doing what, but I am on a roster for Sept and there have been noises about my being out there for a month.

I haven't been writing here and now I want to. This blog is like a friend of mine. Sporadic but no need to play catch up either.

I have my fingers crossed for a job in NYC. It's with a good organization and it's for a year and it will give me that stability that I seem to be craving and needing. Nice, how I distance myself from that sentence saying, it SEEMS to be what I need. LOL. Professionally, it will be really good for me. I went through three interviews so let's see what happens. It will be a first if I don't get the job that after interviewing, I haven't gotten a job. I didn't tell them that. What I did tell them, grinning away at the first serious question they asked me was: I can't remember the last face to face interview I did. It's strange not being in my pajamas when talking to you. I did manage to give a credible enough answer to the question as well.

The fringe was on in NYC. We saw one play. I didn't realize we had the fringe here as well. I know it's something I should know but I always just thought it was in Edinburgh. Whoops. Anyhow, a friend recommended it. The play we saw was called RASH. We were four humanitarian/aid workers of sorts and opinion was divided. My life was on stage so I was in love. Micky saw me on stage so he might have been scared but he thinks there is hope for me. The other two just didn't like it and I wasn't that interested to find out why. I loved it. That was good enough for me and my 15 bucks. If any of you get a chance to see it, do so.

Weird how things come together sometimes. The week before, I had turned to Micky and said, I love disasters. It is who I am. We need to deal with this. Without going into too many details, let's just say, I love them and he really does not. My work is the other man but I'm working on it :). The play spoke to that part of me. I could not just understand but empathized deeply with the character. I am two people at times and both are equally strong.

And both are equally pig headed.

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