Monday, June 28, 2010


It's probably not healthy to find any meaning in your past self but I have a blog, and I know how to use it!

I wrote this post the summer I was off to graduate school. It's not necessarily interesting. Just that I said it was hot and that I was having strange dreams. If you read the blogs from that time, you can see that I was in a weird limbo place as well at that time.

Must history repeat itself? Or perhaps I am supposed to learn from it?

Last night, I dreamt of dolphins. I have never swam with dolphins or had other than a momentary thought about swimming with them. I could feel the dolphin in my dream. We were swimming together. It wasn't slimy and felt like I would imagine it would feel like. Firm-ish and smooth-ish but still icky-ish. We were just chilling, me and the dolphin. I was out of the water and could feel it swimming near my feet which were in the water. Something happened, which I can't recall now and all of a sudden, it became human/alien and like a grown fetus it came out of the water and was laying there.

That woke me up for obvious reasons. It wasn't scary but it wasn't nice either. It has alien like big eyes (or perhaps that baby like big eyes) and the hands are what struck me. They had gills on them. Neatly patterned gills.

Seriously....what the fuck? I am having strange dreams these days. Is it wishful thinking to attribute it to the heat?

Why don't I just go ahead and attribute my whole life to the heat right now? So much easier.

It's frickin' hot.

Zeb and Haniya

Check out these videos. Coke Studio in Karachi has started this music sessions which are incredible. Zeb and Haniya burst onto the scene maybe about two years ago or so and Zeb has an incredible voice. I love their music. Two of my favorite songs and you can buy their stuff on iTunes! Also do click on the Coke Studio link...they have lots of videos and info on music in Pakistan which is fantastic these days.