Wednesday, May 19, 2010

yaddi bladdi

My jaw hurts but it's certainly not because I'm smiling too much. No way.

I look down a lot, I have discovered. At the ground. I can not make eye contact in's much easier, but here for some reason, when I want my five minutes of cigarette smoking privacy and I stare off into the distance, or look at the ground and AVOID eye contact, it's hard. People are going out of their way to establish eye contact, or WORSE, they walk up to you and start talking to you...and the way to start a conversation: you looked so peaceful and lost in your thoughts.

And you had to interrupt my peace and my being lost in happy land to tell me this?

My normal face, is not a smiling face. I'm trying to think how many people have a normal face that is a smiling one. I want to say not many, but that's so that I am not standing on the fringes, but actually, I haven't looked enough to know. I am going to start observing...and if, IF, most pepole have no smiling faces then........

.....then the next time someone says to me: HEY, pretty girl! Why aren't you smiling?

They will get smacked because neither are they.

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