Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was talking about breakfast and mornings in this post recently. It was this breakfast that inspired me to write about it actually. A photo of the breakfast I was having about a month ago. At the Oceanview hotel. By the beach. It was lovely. I should put up photos.

Let's see if I have more.

Part of the volunteer training. This might have been the first day we all got together and did our 'team building day'. That was fun.

They are a very cool bunch with all sorts of different personalities mixed in and it's been a ball getting to know them all. And for them to get to know me.

Me. After a morning spent in the sun. This was just last week at Moulin Sur La Mer. That was fun. Lovely place though the food is lacking. And even if you are brown, you can BURN. I put on factor 55 and people think I'm crazy. Burning is crazy. It...burns.

Note the UGLY green bracelet thingie. They make you wear those at hotels here. It's very annoying. It scratches at night and I don't like wearing stuff when sleeping, other than my earrings (they are tiny), my rings (not bulky and they are my normal two), and my piercings (they don't come out). I had to wear the damn thing in the shower wrist felt like it was dirty.


Maybe I should take more photos. I like posting photos. I don't have a camera. Just my iPhone, but it seems to work well enough!

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