Thursday, May 20, 2010

My childhood lullaby

Along with wee willy winkee, which, now that I saying that, out loud, after many years, sounds like a porn star name, my mom used to sing us hindi songs. We used to have musicb playing in the kitchen when we were little...songs from when my mom was little. She had a million casette tapes which she gave away one day, (the day the music died.....)

Me and my sisters all have a very special place for the song posted below. It's gorgeous to listen to and I can recall my mom's voice singing it to us...

Brilliantly enough, I was hanging with Alka and Milan, her gorgeous baby boy, and she has this lullabies from the world CD that she plays for him at bed time, and out of the blue, this song came on. We sat there, both of us humming to it, with a fourth generation child soothed by the voice of Lata in black and white.

For you listening pleasure.

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