Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From the hammocks at base camp....a little piece of heaven.

I felt like I was dying last Saturday and I remembered that we had hammocks on base camp. I found them and I didn't LEAVE them at all. It was fantastic. I spent the whole day there and was under the ONE tree we have...which, as you might be able to hear, attracts birds.

I did eventually get up...and make dinner for 90 people. Which is in fact, as difficult as it sounds but totally worth it as so many people told me they really liked it. I think just having something different makes a BIG difference. I will try once again to cook for everyone...

My view from the hammock.



Mick said...

Nice legs

F. Zehra Rizvi said...

only cuz they are blurry....scratched to bits at the moment. my tent is the one ALLLL the way on the left. edge of the camp. so bathroom is werrryyyyyyyyy far. xxx