Friday, May 21, 2010

Email can be dumb

Do you ever think your email will change your life? Like, there will be that one email in your inbox, that all of a sudden will be like, Hi, I am not a Nigerian banker and am for real and you just won a gizzilion dollars...or even didn't apply for this super fantastic job but we know you would rock it and you would love it and it's like you and this job were made for each, it's all yours.

I check my email obsessively. And I know I do it because I keep thinking, something will be there that will change my life.

Am I unhappy with my life? No.

But there is still something about changes that I like. The unknown factor of it, I s'pose. Though I do deal with change badly. Well, not badly, per se...just not as well as I would like to. I try to normalize things and find the familiar in them as soon as I can.

Emails have changed my life. I have gotton lots of important news over email. Also, you never know what you will find in your inbox. Someone from way back when might email you and say, hey, I'm in town. An old CV from long ago might finally make it through some HR system and you will get an interview. Your friend might be pregnant. You might get poked.

I am needing a change...I am, weirdly enough, thinking my inbox is going to provide me with some answers. I might be a complete idiot or....

....the revolution will be emailed.

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