Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The PoPe

Do you think the Pope just feels like a rock star, all the time? I'm reading this BBC story about the abuse scandal and he's in Lisbon and 80,000 people come out to see him.

Can you imagine being the Pope, or Bono, and only five people show up in the city centre to see you? That just doesn't happen does it? With Bono, I guess it happened when he started out but the Pope just starts from...Pope. And yes, there is an individual who becomes the Pope and he's worked his way up etc, and maybe at his first sermon, in a backwater somewhere in some village in eastern Europe, three digruntled people showed up and old skool movie style, threw rotton tomatoes at him, but when you are Pope...you are Pope. And that just commands crowds.

Does he ever think back to the rotton tomatoes, do you think?

In my lifetime, will there be a gathering where the Pope is present/making an appearance/presiding (whatever it is they do other than ride around in the pope-mobile), where there won't just be 80K people at the drop of a hat?

Oh, you know what? Maybe he should go visit his followers in Iran or Pakistan. Wonder what kind of crowd that commands. We got Christians, persecuted ones, in Pakistan...not sure they are catholic though and if they care for the Pope.

I'm guessing it will be a much smaller audience than perhaps the Pope is used to....

I should get back and read the article I have linked this too...and see what the latest on the kiddie fiddling is about.

I don't care and I probably should. Actually, I don't care. I care that kids are at risk from figures of authority and trust, but it doesn't matter if you are a priest...it still happens and this grand focus on this issue should really lead to a larger impact on the WHOLE issue, not just it happens in church.

Why do people struggle SO much with perspective?

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