Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I slept HORRIBLY. It was so still. Hot, muggy and still. I have woken up with a massive bump on my arm (ok, not massive, but largish...it's very obvious when I hold my arm sideways that there is a mini mountain/molehill). It's kinda itchy but not really. And there might be teeth marks in it. Can't imagine what bit me but since I didn't wake up, it wasn't a rat. And since I am still alive, it wasn't poisonous. And it hasn't gotton worse so I am going to not think about it anymore. Slightly pinker is not cause for concern. And to be honest, I am a little bit too tired to actually care unless it decides to self combust.

I wish I had slept better. Hate when that happens.

The last time I was here, in one day, we had three tremors. The last one, in the middle of the night, scared the shit out of me. My whole body went cold. It was right after the second one as well which woke me up.

I have been feeling tremors since I got here. At night. My whole body goes cold and I am convinced there was a tremor but no one else around me moves, and it's probably actually, my neighbour in the tent pod next to me as our camping beds sort of touch and he moves a lot.

I wish my body wouldn't go cold the way it does.

If I am affected from three tremors in one day, small ones mind you, can you imagine what people go through every day here?

That thought, as hackneyed as it is, is real. And I can't let it paralyze me....it needs to galvanize me.

I wish there were a better outlet for the galvanized me.

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