Monday, April 26, 2010


Shit like this, because I'm such a baby, scares the shit out of me. A ghost in a Scotland.

I grew up with stories about paranormal stuff and witches and djinns etc. And snakes in stoves that protected families. I don't want a snake protecting me. I don't want a ghost or djinn protecting me either.

I close myself off to stuff like that. Because, in my head, I think if I open myself up to, I will see it all around me and that's scary.

I know people, who I respect and trust, who say they talk to djinns. You can control a djinn. Control is the wrong word. I am trying to think of the word in Urdu and how to best translate it in English. The word in Urdu is kaboo. Which means control and possession in the same breath.

My understanding of djinns is that they can travel and appear at will. No waiting in lines at the airport. And they report back.

Witches have feet turned in. I think that's just a thing that has come down from the ages since people differently formed, from polio, perhaps, were seen as misfits.

How hard it must be to be a misfit. Six fingers and toes is good luck in India. Ask Hrithik. You could be a differntly formed human being and it can be a boon or a curse. Depends on where you're at. Where is it that twins are bad luck? I just read about this somewhere.

People don't like different things. They say they do but anyone walking outside the line of normal is shunned in one way or another. We then put a label of special on them to make them feel like it's ok. And it is ok...there need not be a label in the end. We spend so much time worrying about what is normal, and trying to be normal.

No one really is. But we all pretend.

We all lie.

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