Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm restless today. Not sure why. Might be the heat. Might be because it's Saturday. Might be because I am sitting behind a desk today.

Have enjoyed training volunteers over the last two days but it is absolutely exhausting. I haven't done this in two years. I was doing LOTS of trainings two years ago. Did some last year as well but I was a co-facilitator so that was easier. I didn't have to be ON all day long. And that is hard. How the hell did I do it before? I am getting old obviously.

Almost lunch time and I am hungry. Good. Cept, it feels too hot to eat.

Why don't I just WHINE this whole entire blog post?

I don't sleep well at night (but am thankful I am in a proper tent with a camp bed or sorts that isn't on the floor on the pebbles).
It's freaking HOT all the time and it's horrible at night (I have nothing positive to say about IS horrible at night and it contributes to the bad sleep).
There is nothing to do other than work (there are and I am being a miserable bastard and not partaking in the bar night activities or talking to just seems like a lot of energy and going back to my hot and stuffy tent seems like a better alternative).

I'm actually done whining. It's not like I have a lot to whine about. I have my social network out here. The breakfast table and I see them for dinner sometimes. Sometimes, I see them in the hallways and we smile at each other knowing that there will be cigarettes and coffee and silence with each other in the morning.

For all the time I seem to spend by myself, I can't seem to stop craving more time. But, I think, given the way i am feeling, that is, perhaps, a bad idea.

That might have been the most commas I have ever used in a sentence.

The pauses. And that is not where comma's go. I know. But, I like that friends reading this can hear me, my voice, that way.

I should look up comma rules.

And I should stop being restless and get up and do some work...

Saturday in Haiti. What joy. But really, what would I be doing anywhere else? Haiti is just Haiti and it's just a backdrop but I would be restless anywhere right now. That much, I do know. Thank god for that.

Sometimes, it's just nice to know.

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