Saturday, April 24, 2010

Innit amazing?

....that a small change, some words, something, anything can change your mood, completely and totally.

I am no longer restless.

Perhaps, because I know now. I think that was the problem. I didn't know something and now I do and it feels GREAT. I hate not knowing shit. And actually, it's not even like I know, but it's more, I don't NEED to know. Whew. I am about to be a joy to be around and not the moo cow that I was being all morning. I mean, I was still smiling but damn, the difference! I got my music on and am bopping in my chair and it is amusing every single person walking by. Good. I like that.

There was a big bollywood party last night, Basement Bhangra's 13th birthday. I missed it and yesterday, I didn't care. MAN, I wish I had been there and had been able to dance my ass off. I feel like dancing. Lots.

I might actually go to the bar tonight. I might actually be myself again.

Disco wale khisko, aj desi beat bajanee.

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