Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I gotta feeling....

That tonight's gonna be a good night....

I love music. This song reminds me of Uganda. I'm trying to recall the first time I heard it. Might have been there. And then they would play it on repeat. Which I do. Songs I love, I play on repeat. I will make a playlist and play it to death. It has baffled people I live with.

I need to have music playing all the time. I remember when we were little and living in Pakistan, we had music always playing in the kitchen. Maybe that's why I love kitchens and music. My mother used to play old Indian songs that she had grown up with and they are still my favorite. She stopped listening to music at some point. She still does every once in a while but not with the crazy fervour that she used to.

God replaced that.

I miss DJ-ing. Something strange happened though. I used to just do it and it was fun and easy and I loved it. I struggle a bit now with it. I mean, I guess I could do it, but I like things to just flow. I was saying that at lunch with colleagues recently. With musical instruments (or anything really in my life). It's not that I don't work hard, I do. But with things that come to me naturally. I'm not into struggling. I don't see the point. The acheivement in the end. I say that but perhaps it's situational.

I have just tangented and JAMMED so much into one paragraph, all half thoughts and sentences.

Musical instruments: I would like/LOVE to play one. But, I want to pick up the cello and just start playing it. That will never happen. I might actually work at it, who knows? Depends on how badly I want it. I was saying at lunch, that perhaps, since I never learned to play an instrument, it's possible that I was a child prodigy at it and it was just never discovered since there wasn't the opportunity for that discovery and perhaps, I am a cello genius and once I pick it up, sweet sweet music will pour forth.

Long fucking shot. Doesn't hurt to dream.

Working hard versus effort versus natural ability: How I wish there were just one witty sentence that I could just write and explain the relational quality of the three vis a vis my life.

It's another sunny day in Haiti.

And I gotta feeling....

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