Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm back in Haiti.

Maybe I should just end the blog post that way. As always, I have the issue of coming and writing here after a long time and try not to think that way and play catch up since that gets to be overwhelming.

I'm writing since I have been advised to do so. And really, I like writing here. Like I said in my last post, it's a good journal (for the whole world to read), on my life. It is fun to come back and read stuff.

Am still with the Red Cross and we all live in tents. I had never lived in a tent before coming to Haiti. I don't like it in, I don't get WHY people do this for fun. It works for me now, because I have to live like this, and actually, it's fine. It works very well and I am impressed that the RC can keep the show on the road the way they can with so many of us here.'s Haiti. My upbeatedness about living in a tent with this mission in no way means that I endorse tent living in other circumstances.

Am working on a massive cash program. Giving people money for what they need. We are doing it through SMS/text and a remittance agency. It's cool. I am not sure, since this is my personal blog how much of it I can write about so I will err on the side of caution. And say NOTHING MORE!

I need to get my iphone to start taking photos and videos so that I can post them up here. Will get on that. And let me end this post in the way that I probbaly end most of my posts...I like this and I am going to get onto writing on my blog again! (I really do mean it when I write that...)

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