Sunday, April 25, 2010

End of April...

I have been waiting for the end of April for what feels like AGES! I know it hasn't been ages. It's here. The end of April started today. It will go for a week. And then it will be May.

How anticlimactic.


Where has the year gone? I had just moved to NYC. It's May already. Wow.

So, here is an embarassing admission. I am TOTALLY into a Britney Spears song. Unusual you. It came onto my iPod today and I was like, wow, what is this, who sang it? And immediately wanted to throw myself out the window when I discovered it was Britney....who I do have a lot of sympathy for, by the way.

Went to Indigo finally. Beach resort type place in Haiti. Brown girl got BURNT (and I laugh at that...yes, I have been burnt...)

Feel very tired which just having a day off can do to you. That with the combination of sun and half a bottle of wine. And never ending heat.

I go home in three days. And it's cool so I can snuggle into a blanket. I can't wait. I want to just sleep. And sleep and sleep and sleep.

And there are miles to go before I get there.


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