Monday, April 19, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I wake up at around 5 30 am. People look at me and are like, hey, you're a morning person!

I am not.

I still say that but I think when I wasn't looking, I became a morning person. It was in Uganda. Perhaps because the light streaming through the curtains (flimsy pieces of shit that they were), woke me up, but I do LOVE a bright sunny day and it does make me feel energized and as if I don't want to be in bed anymore. So, there is that aspect but what does get me out of bed is my morning ritual. Coffe, cigarettes and my computer. I love it.

I love sitting there in the silence, in a space, that's mine (not physically mine but just the space around me, I own that), and it's me and my thoughts and I guess the computer, once I am done checking my emails and facebook (which is still evil), is just an excuse to sit there and just be. Music on, coffee right there and nicotine going through the blood stream.

I used to do this in Sri Lanka as well. Wake up in enough time to be able to just sit for some time before I had to start.

I currently live in a place where 300 plus of us eat communally. There are 2 separate kitchens but it's still a shit load of people to share space with. I feel blessed that I have found the table where there are a bunch of us that just sit, and don't feel the need to talk to each other. It's not grumpy or anything like that. It's lovely companionable silence which we do break on occasion but mostly, we leave each other to it. Cigarettes, coffee, sunshine which is not yet strong when then kitchen opens at 6 30 and a light breeze. Outdoors. It's lovely.

I am just a happier person in the sunshine. I feel as if I was made to function in the sun. I HATE winters and dreary days and need to find someway to mitigate that.

In a place where you are surrounded by people ALL the time, having moments to yourself are special. To have the space to stare off into the distance (at some chemical toilets on the right, people on the left, and in the far distance: clouds). To my mind do what it loves to do and does best...

Run amuck.

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