Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back in NYC!

Woohoo, I back in NYC! We moved here. For me, that means I am back home but for M it means a whole new life in a partially new country. And in the best city in the world. He grew up coming to California in the summers since his dad worked out here for like ten years so he is not so new to American culture (plus, he married an American so there is no escaping).

I felt like I would quickly acclimate to living in London when I first moved there and very quickly realized, umm, they might speak English but dude, this is totally a different country and culture to the one I know. I thought I was taking time off and would not be foreign but that just wasn't the case. I felt even more foreign out in the UK. It was all very strange but once I got over it, I lived a good life out there. Looking forward to seeing how M adjusts to life in the awesome city of NYC.

So looking forward to having a nice life and living with all my stuff surrounding me....having said that, I have a SHIT LOAD of stuff. I keep throwing it out and somehow, it keeps accumulating. I don't really get it. I have yet to unpack (that's tomorrow and M arrives tomorrow too, with his visa in hand!), so we will see if it all fits in our fab new loft that we are subleasing in Brooklyn.

I am thrilled to be back in Brooklyn. New neighbourhood for me but not so far from the other one I lived in before.

Haiti is in the news today. Been following it on my favourite thing to follow stuff on: Twitter! If you are not signed up, you should. It's awesome but I have already blogged about how awesome I think it is here.

There are tons of movies that I want to go and see, and readings and art exhibits and TV serials (we are on season four of the wire, which I adore). There are also tons of people that I want and need to catch up with and see and chill out with. Life is good.

I needed to get this first post out after a while so that I don't feel the need to catch up. So I have just babbled here instead of really writing anything substantial (one could argue that none of my posts are actually substantial). I also need to stop writing since my younger sister is sitting on my head and won't let me write and I need to pay attention to her (yeah, you...you actually read this blog...you da best!).

Yay for NYC, yay for blogging (maybe), again, and yay for life.