Monday, September 14, 2009

I twittered and tweeted and now I Wii.

Hello everyone! I am feeling super happy today. Why? Because, my friends, I did it. I ACTUALLY wrote a post about twitter. You have to wait to see it since I had to FIRST put it up on the desicritics website because they will not publish stuff that has been previously published. It was a real hang up for me to write. See, on my blog here, I can just come on and write and it's not a big deal. For some reason, I have a real mental hangup writing on other blogs. This is why I have been unable to blog for work. They asked me to, they trained me to but I just feel like there are too many quality control issues and I can't deal with that pressure. This space, my blog, is MY space. I can say or do anything and it just feels better.

So, I blogged about the riots we have been having in Kampala and I'm very proud of the post and as soon as they publish it over on the other site, I will put it up here. Yay!

In the meantime, my darling husband returned from a week of working in the UK at his head office and he brought back a Wii!!!! Woohoo! I had been wanting one for the last two years and would forget to mention it to him and out of nowhere, he brings one home. He's so great. I love you, Micky.

My body is in so much pain. I am so utterly unfit, it's sad. The stupid Wii Fitness thingie calculated my fitness age, and though my BMI is PERFECT, I have the fitness age of a 42 year old. It's only because they had this one test, where you have to shift your weight around to fit into these tiny blue boxes, and dude, I can shift my weight around as well as the best of them, it's just that I can't coordinate my eyes with my legs very well so I totally messed up that test. It's not fair, but that's ok.

My knitting, a blog post waiting to happen, with photos (!) has now been put to the side but it's ok, since I am almost done with the great knitting project of Aug-Sept 09. I have never knitted this much in my life and having M away for a week helped with that.

I added something TOTALLY cool to my blog by the way. It's on the right hand side. Scroll down a bit. It's a live traffic feed thingie and it shows me where people are visiting from! I love it. I still love my cluster maps thingie too but this one is more precise. Like Burdett NY...who are you? Tunisia, you came on too. How freakin cool that I can stalk people who stalk me. I can't really stalk you, it just tells me where you have logged on from, but really, that's good enough for me. I am a lame stalker when it comes down to it.

I now need to go and work but i wanted to touch base, say hi and share my joy of being well, alive and soon to be super productive at work!

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