Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off to Soroti!

I am so totally excited....I am off to the field. Woohoo! Outside of Kampala for the first time.

Am organizing a recovery training in Uganda and we need a place where we can do field visits and have the training there as well. Four hours away, we have Soroti and it's been recommended, so I am realllllly hoping this works out.

I leave in about an hour and I have yet to pack. Or get anything organized. So I am off to do that.

If anyone else has recommendations for places in Uganda to have trainings, pass them on!

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's published, it's published!

I don't know why I am so excited about this, but I am. Desicritics published my twitter piece about the Kampala riots. You can go and read it here for now. I would need to reformat the WHOLE thing to put it up here, and I will since I am proud of it.

Watch this space!

I twittered and tweeted and now I Wii.

Hello everyone! I am feeling super happy today. Why? Because, my friends, I did it. I ACTUALLY wrote a post about twitter. You have to wait to see it since I had to FIRST put it up on the desicritics website because they will not publish stuff that has been previously published. It was a real hang up for me to write. See, on my blog here, I can just come on and write and it's not a big deal. For some reason, I have a real mental hangup writing on other blogs. This is why I have been unable to blog for work. They asked me to, they trained me to but I just feel like there are too many quality control issues and I can't deal with that pressure. This space, my blog, is MY space. I can say or do anything and it just feels better.

So, I blogged about the riots we have been having in Kampala and I'm very proud of the post and as soon as they publish it over on the other site, I will put it up here. Yay!

In the meantime, my darling husband returned from a week of working in the UK at his head office and he brought back a Wii!!!! Woohoo! I had been wanting one for the last two years and would forget to mention it to him and out of nowhere, he brings one home. He's so great. I love you, Micky.

My body is in so much pain. I am so utterly unfit, it's sad. The stupid Wii Fitness thingie calculated my fitness age, and though my BMI is PERFECT, I have the fitness age of a 42 year old. It's only because they had this one test, where you have to shift your weight around to fit into these tiny blue boxes, and dude, I can shift my weight around as well as the best of them, it's just that I can't coordinate my eyes with my legs very well so I totally messed up that test. It's not fair, but that's ok.

My knitting, a blog post waiting to happen, with photos (!) has now been put to the side but it's ok, since I am almost done with the great knitting project of Aug-Sept 09. I have never knitted this much in my life and having M away for a week helped with that.

I added something TOTALLY cool to my blog by the way. It's on the right hand side. Scroll down a bit. It's a live traffic feed thingie and it shows me where people are visiting from! I love it. I still love my cluster maps thingie too but this one is more precise. Like Burdett NY...who are you? Tunisia, you came on too. How freakin cool that I can stalk people who stalk me. I can't really stalk you, it just tells me where you have logged on from, but really, that's good enough for me. I am a lame stalker when it comes down to it.

I now need to go and work but i wanted to touch base, say hi and share my joy of being well, alive and soon to be super productive at work!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Itching to blog!

So, I have been wanting to blog. I keep going and seeing my cluster map and it tells me about visits in each 24 hour period and it's cool when I post, that I do get traffic (not because I am trying to be popular but I do find it fascinating to connect to people in this way...RANDOMLY).

Speaking of connecting to people....I made a new friend! Through my blog!! Again!!! You know who you are, new friend. I use the term loosely. A fellow resident in Kampala came and left a comment on my blog...confirming my worst fears about jiggers (they do exist...they are actually called mango flies...I had my facts wrong-Micky did, to be fair and I do believe him...most of the time) and they do lay eggs in your body. Thanks new friend!

Here's the thing: If I see this expat mom in the grocery store...I will have no idea, but she will know it's me and Micky since there are photos of us up. I have over thought this, but still, it's fun and I'm bored in Kampala. I went to the 24 hour Nakumatt the other day and was like, OMG, it could be her, or her or her...and then I realized that was lame and I should be more nonchalant about it...y' it cool and shit. Not be walking around the Nakumatt (with the carts they have to entertain little kids but they fit me and my arm span better...I'm not super short...I do have super long arms though)...where was I? Oh, right, the Nakumatt...right, so I should not be walking around there at 10 pm on a school night gawking at every white woman who passes me by (the only thing I know about my new reader is that she's an expat mom (guessing white) who grocery shops but can't be arsed to go to the post office...ahem).

I have totally over thought the situation but it is awesome to get comments from people and have that connection.

I asked her not to stalk us and now she's definitely not going to. I am not a weirdo, I promise...not like a major one at least. Someone, a chartered accountant in fact, which is a good profession, married me, so I can't be totally insane...though I bet a chartered accountant could be totally creepy when not at work...mine isn't and he doesn't do the whole CPA thing anymore anyways.

On another note, I read a book on tweeting by Tee Morris. Called All a Twitter. I'm not a total newbie at it and I learnt some good stuff. Yay for that. I want to write about it but I want to do it first on the desicritics website since they won't publish previously published stuff. So any reviews etc, I am going to write up there first and then post here after...annoying but I can understand. I have no pretensions of turning into a social media anything...well, a practitioner..a user. I just wanted to know if I was using it right and getting the most out of it. There were things I didn't get when I saw them posted, but now I get it! And can't wait for #followfriday!

There is a post about facebook and twitter that need to happen. Everyone writes about it now. I mean, they have been, but all of a sudden, when there is no news (no news of strategic interest to America), they come out with a FB or twitter article. Each contradicting the other.

I might just write the post, so I should stop. My hand hurts anyhow from writing too many thank you cards and playing computer games. Still have not finished writing the damn cards.

I wanted to blog, and I did. Well done me.