Sunday, August 30, 2009

We got married!

We got married. We did it. Yay for us.

I felt like I needed to announce that on my blog. Do we feel any different? Not really. We deiced to move to NYC and stop the hobo nomad life and have nice kitchen appliances. I guess that counts.

I think the change is more for Micky than me. Maybe I am in denial about the changes.

I think the changes are more subtle. Like, for instance, I feel like doing more things for him…like cooking and getting him a glass of water when he wakes up. Subtle and TOTALLY LAME changes. What the hell am I turning into??? I shouldn’t be mean to myself. It’s cool that I love Micky that much.

I might be turning a molehill into a mountain and attributing normal love patterns into marriage changes. I don’t really have a way to know, though, do I? It’s not like parallel universe me, living in sin with Micky is sending me messages or anything. Biatch.

Am going to add a tag to my blog called married life and just attribute anything and everything to it. That should be fun.

My active life on facebook means, by the way, that I live facebooked my wedding, instead of live blogging it. Facebook sucks and I am addicted to it.

Some photos for your viewing pleasure. It was a blast.

View from the Bride cam!

The wedding ceremony...and elephanta.

Chillin with Elephanta..before I make my entrance.


Toaf said...

Congratulations to the pair of you!

And lovely work by Bride Cam!

Blogger said...

Congrats Zehra. I've been a regular reader following your good work around the globe. Will send u a postcard sometime soon. Take care.

F. Zehra Rizvi said...

Thanks, blogger. It's a real experiment to see if it arrives. I've been told that ppl have PO boxes here and not real addresses...