Monday, July 27, 2009

Visitors....toooreeeroooreee (creepy sci-fi music)

I have a cluster maps thing on the right hand side on my blog. Scroll down and you can see it. I am obsessed by it. Only because of the random places people log on from to see my blog. The Uganda blob on the map is obviously me. And Micky...I make him read my blog everything I put something on it so that counts as two people. Though just one click. Such efficiency.

Have had this cluster map for a while but they recently archived it..which is a good thing since it was just becoming one big red dot over the world and you can't really see what's going on then. Since I have started writing again, have had about 184 visits. I have more facebook friends than that, but I am pretty sure they are not clicking on my blog..and not from the Middle East. I am pretty sure that I currently do not have friends in the Middle East...or in Ukraine. Or in Israel, Senegal and Argentina (or is it Peru?) to name just a few of the lonely one off clicks to my blog. Who are you people? I know I come on and ask every once in a while...WHO ARE YOU?? but that's only because it is fascinating to know that people are logging on and reading me, but I don't know them and they don't know me. Why would you even want to know me? I'm not that scintillating regardless of what I tell Micky every day about my never ending charms.

Tell me people, who are you? How in the world did you find me?


pork_joy said...

hey Z- this is your former housemate, heidi! good luck on the Shaadi!

Mick said...

Thanks Heidi! There is an after party in Bklyn....details coming! By the way, this is Zehra, not Mick.

toni said...

The Israel sad-o must be me!