Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Am feeling seriously annoyed by this photo on the AlertNet website. It's the photo of the day.

An Afghan woman wearing a burka and platform shoes squeezes past a donkey on a suspension bridge over a river in Kashem district of Afghanistan's Badakhshan province.
REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

Why am I annoyed? Not only because the photo when you click on it is named burkadonkey but also because for some reason people seem to think that capturing a woman wearing a burka, with gasp, platform shoes is newsworthy or photo worthy. As if women who cover up have no sense of style and that it's incongrous in some way. It's not.

Check out the blog, hijabstyle where it's all about hijab and style. The article the link takes you to is about top designers who are trying to break into the hijab market. As a former hijab wearer, I can tell you that my sense and desire for style remained intact and it would have been ridiculous to assume otherwise. It's a whole different matter that the regime people live under will stone you for having a sense of style and that is not what this post is about. It's about me taking umbrage at the way in which the photo is showcased and captioned.

So, please people, stop with the stupid photos of women in burkas who show some style and thinking that it's some new discovery. It's not.

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