Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm a livelihoods person. It is only fitting that I write about a friend's website that I had known about in the back of my head but only just fully looked at today. Rozee.Pk. Rozee means....livelihood! It's a jobsite for Pakistanis looking for jobs guessed it, Pakistan! Monis was kind enough to give me a quote for my blog:

is Pakistan's most powerful recruiting platform used by over 1,000,000 professionals and 20,000 employers. Even Zehra uses it. She would be an asset to any organization that does not have a drug screening policy.

What a nice guy. He's the CEO of Naseeb networks (some of you might know's like but for Muslims). I got onto Naseeb at its inception and was pretty quickly banned for writing down my hobbies of coke and sex. I think I also lost my password and did only get onto it since my younger sister wanted me to be on it. We just wanted to check it out since we are bitches and wanted to laugh at people but as you can see when you visit the website, there have been great sucess stories about people meeting and hooking up and finding real love. In a place like Pakistan where dating is still mostly frowned upon, what a great way to find someone rather than being set up by your extended family and parents.

I think it's very cool that Pakistan has all these things now. Very much needed. Rozee.Pk has a accompanying blog that has posts on how to write a good CV, what the hottest jobs and trends are, making decisions about your career and info on physical and virtual jobs fairs (Rozee is the first to host such events).

My fave article, from which even I learned something was the one on writing a good CV. My fave quote from that article is:

Create a professional email address, preferably with your own name e.g. “”. Don’t use a humorous or inappropriate email address such as “”. This may make a recruiter smile but won’t fetch you an interview.

So, go check it and let Monis know what you think. Tell him Zehra sent you.

And no, coke and sex are not my hobbies. They are necessities.

Update: For all you concerned citizens out there, I don't do coke. And I am not a sex addict. Thank you for all your emailed concerns though. Much appreciated. It was artistic license. And a dig at Monis.


Christian said...


good to read you!
glad to see you guys are up and well in kampala.

all the best from further west,


Shahid said...

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