Monday, July 20, 2009

Painting weekend!

Mick is working for VSO out here (no, not as a volunteer...first question he gets asked: Where's your placement?). The VSO volunteers in Kampala, there are about 30 of them (disclaimer: I know very little about VSO and am still info is not necessarily correct!), got together this weekend (most of them, not all) and were painting Ward 3 at Mulago Hospital. Ward 3 is where malnourished kids come for treatment. It was really fun and I have some photos which have miraculously loaded onto my work computer. It's a real strain to have to re-learn an IBM computer. I was using one previously at work but not for play and it's the play part that I have to learn again.

Anyhow, we went both days but not as early as everyone else but we had an excuse for the second day we went...we made lunch. A huge biryani for the carnivores and some pasta for the vegetarians. Very fun, met good people and life in Kampala settles down some more (just as we up and leave for three weeks for our wedding). I am supposed to be blogging for work and will start doing that soon and even though I work for the Red Cross, I think there will be a combination post on VSO and the Red Cross. Red Cross is all about volunteers afterall and since M started working for VSO, there's been lots of thoughts I have been having about volunteers and what it all really means...for for your viewing pleasure...

Actually, the internet is being bad and won't upload my photos....(I am blaming the internet and not my own IBm deficiencies...) later, post now.

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