Monday, July 13, 2009

My New Home: Kampala, Uganda

Here I Kampala, uganda. As of about ten days ago. They have wireless here. Sitting in the Ugandan Red Cross office (first day) and it's FAB. I love it. It's quiet and since no one really knows me or what I am doing here, no one is asking me to be in meetings or coming over and talking to me. I love it. I need the time and space for a bit to just be able to get some work done.

Have already moved into and had first weekend of home rehab on the new two bedroom flat. Flat makes it sound like an apt building. It is and it's not. It's part of a complex of five apts, basically. Not free stnading but not stacked on each other either. I didn't want to have to do that anymore. I was despairing of it when I moved in but I thin it's because I did it by myself and once micky came back, it was OK and we did have a good weekend giving it some loving touches. Photos soon. Have switched computers yet again but have not moved everything over as yet. Will get on it, soon enough.

Am hoping to be blogging more regularily..and in fact, will be blogging for work (once they sort out my contract issues)...Will let you all know where that is...

Yay for is lovely and I do need to write about it and I will but i am starting off teaser, an intro if you like, just to let everyone know tha I have moved.

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