Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moment of Truth

For the last couple of nights, we have been seeing promos for Sach ka Saamna. It's based on an US TV show called Moment of Truth (I think that's what it's called). It's like Who wants to be a millionaire but the truth will get you there (translated tag line of the show, the last bit). Haven't seen the US version (or heard of it before this Indian version of the show). We got intrigued and did watch it last complete horror (!!!) at the questions being asked. It was the last thing I thought about before going to bed last night.

We thought it would be a dumb show but Jesus H Christ. The questions they ask can be answered in so many ways but it's a yes or no show. What I love about Indian TV is how they can take a show and make it so Indian. Unapologetically. India's Got Talent is another favorite and will get a post on it's own. Getting back to this show...

The questions being asked got more and more personal. And horrible. The woman who was up didn't win in the end and she was like, ummm, it's not true and the host was just like, umm, sorry, the polygraph is the only one who can make that decision. The question she lost on (spoiler alert) was: Would you sleep with another man if your husband would never find out. She said no, but the polygraph in the sky said she was lying.

The whole time she was answering terrile questions about her mom, kids, and husband and I kept thinking, it's ok, they'll forgive her since she'll win lots of money and everyone will be happy. Now, she has no money, and her whole family hates her AND, the worst thing in an Indian society, EVERYONE FREAKIN KNOWS!

The show ended and I was thinking if I could go on a show like that and decided immediately that there was no way and turned to Micky and told him to go onto the show since he is such a good clean boy and he looked at me in panic and was like, HELL NO. I then started asking him the horrible kinds of questions from the show and he stuck his fingers in his ears and started humming.

Once M resurfaced as a human again, we got to talking about the show and that it's not fair that you can ask questions that are about thinking or feeling. Like in a parallel universe where your actions have no consequences, would you sleep with another man if your husband would never find out? have you ever thought about cheating on your husband? (Micky said he would answer yes to that since his brain works in a way where even if he thinks another girl is hot and that he would do her, that constitutes sweet. But really, you can't control if you think someone else is hot...and that you would do them...that's human nature! It doesn't constitute cheating in my book). It's about your brain getting the question down to an essence really and concentrating on what you think the answer is. But only super spy brains work like that. The rest of us are screwed. It's the thought police coming to get you.

Anyone seen the American version of the show? Is it really horrible too?

Have stolen episode one from youtube for your viewing pleasure. You can follow along even though it's in Hindi. The questions flash up in English as do the answers.

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Joanna Burton said...

US Moment of Truth is also horrible...they have it on StarWorld and I had to stop watching as is just cringy/evil!