Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kitchen Stories.

Why is it considered rude to have a guest or someone wash their hands at your kitchen sink? At the office two days ago (my first day here), the woman helping me out with my lunch looked at me shyly and was like, is it ok if you wash your hands here?

I grew up washing my hands at the kitchen sink. The only thing my mom didn't want us to do was spit in the sink since I guess that's where our dishes were. Though, if they are in the sink, they are dirty and it's not like my spits going to make it any more dirtier.

I do the same with guests at my place. Direct them to a place to wash their hands outside of my kitchen when the kitchen sink is about 2 feet away. Is there a reason we do this other than pretensions of humility that the dirt on someone's hands are is far superior to my dirty dishes? I am doing them a favour by letting them use soap and water in my house and practice good public health. I have started washing my hands obsessively, by the way. All the hygiene promotion sourse work I did rings in my ears all the time, especially since I seem perpetually covered in dust. I got some Dettol soap, especially for the kitchen sink.

Speaking of kitchen sinks...ours got blocked last night. Actually, last night, all in all, was a bad night. We cooked our first (and I sincerely hope our last) worst ever meal of our shared life. Neither of us ate much of the steak and mushrooms we made.

The steak was freaking me out and the mushrooms were freaking Micky out. As M put it:
It all tastes too real. As if the cow and the mushrooms were just walking around two minutes ago and we just cooked it.

Perhaps we are too used to processed foods (I tend to buy organic when I have the chance, so not sure how much that argument holds water but it sounded good last night when nothing else came to mind as to why we hated our meal so much).

We ate chocolate and beer instead. Thank god for small miracles.


Anonymous said...

i have been washing my hands in other peoples kitchen sinks for the past 26 years. shit. i never knew!
by the way...yay! that you are blogging again. x

Anonymous said...

that was clem by the way!

Alka said...

this is why i hate eating game. it tastes like it used to be ALIVE. like it would taste if i took a bite out of my arm or something. washing hands in kitchen sink is cool with me but brushing teeth? yuck.