Monday, July 27, 2009

Feeling like home

It is beginning to feel like home now. I was getting all crabby about it right at the start but realized, I am a dum dum who likes to create her version of home wherever she goes and that's not always possible..not only is it not possible, it's dumb to do that since it closes you off to all sorts of experiences and why would I want that? Micky on the other hand, loves to go jumping off the cliffs of his comfort zone..which is why I love him. I think he's fearless and it's a good counterpart to my private fear filled life.
He seems to be more the cautious one...he certainly gives off that impression but really, it's me who is way more cautious, totally risk averse and he will happily put on a helmet (that's his cautious side) and just jump.

We had planned to go away this weekend but explored Kampala instead. We got into a car and just drove around to places that we had heard about and wanted to check out. Health clubs mostly. We want to play a sport. Badminton is normally what we like to play but with the wind, we need an indoor court. Turns out both of us are going to plan tennis instead. I can't play and never have and M plays badly so we are guessing we might be somewhat matched up. We go tonight and have the first game. Very exciting. I got an instructor for the first session so that I can at least get an idea of how to hold a racket and what I should be doing instead of just pretending that I am Venus Williams and getting really frustrated that I'm actually not.

We also found a great place to dance. I have not danced in ages and I love it and was really very pleased that close by to our place, is a bar called Iguana, which is where most people end up going at night. It's a real party town, Kampala, by the way. People get home at 6 am. We are still lame and get there early and leave early, but I have a plan. It's called a nap. Like I used to in NYC. To get me prepped for the long night ahead, though I discovered much to my joy and possibly Micky's doom, good music will wake me up and I need nothing else...cept for maybe some more stamina. I was getting a good workout dancing around and pushed myself harder than I do when's just way more fun to dance than run. Running has it's lovely moments though.

Speaking of running (none of which I am doing right now)...I read the Murakami book. What I think about when I think about running. Or some long winded title like that. I LOVED it. Adored it. I am a long distance, neither quality nor quantity, runner. I love the long runs and don't do fast. I can't even really call myself a runner. It's more like a trot but I still love it. Micky does fast and short runs but I am happier going off and just being out there for an hour. And following random thoughts and just letting everything go. It's brilliant and I would love to find a place to run in hilly Kampala, but till I get fitter, that just ain't gonna happen.

We got some more things for the house, we made some better meals, things are looking up. It will most certainly feel like home when we get back from our three week wedding break. I know what to expect, I know where most things that I need are, we have a carpet in the house that I love, and a lamp as well, all my spices that I need and those that I don't have, I now know to bring them from home. It's perfect. So...yay for Kampala, my new home.

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Sakina said...

DUDE I love that book too :)