Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Long suffering blog

My poor blog. I have been ignoring it. I have meant to write, really and truly, I have. I've just not managed to find time to write, which sounds really lame as I am sitting and typing this.

I just had to get up and move away from my computer but I am determined to get one post out atleast. Have been reading some graet blogs of late and will update mine with the links to those accordingly. Am in London and working at the head office at the British Red Cross as a recovery officer (Knowledge sharing) and it's a joint position with IFRC. Liking the job very much so. Am also getting married in the near future (August) so the blog might starting talking about that aspect of life as well....how exciting.

For now, will post two youtube thingies that I saw over this Easter Break at the home of the inlaws on Britian's got talent. We all know how much I love this shit.

Not allowed to embed it so go see it here

And this next one, not as fave as the first one but still pretty cool.


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esk said...

totally freakin' awesome! Congrats again on getting married...and like you, I need to show some attention to my blog! :-)