Monday, June 23, 2008

Amanat Ali

most of you, I am sure, know this man. I can't believe I didn't write about him before. Like American Idol, India has htis show called SaReGaMaPa (that's the different sur's one sings in...sur is...tone)...Anyhow, I think this guy is toooooooo cool and I love hearing him sing and I didn't see it on TV but on my beloved You Tube, which I have not had time to scour with the same urgency I used to in London. Grad school obviously didn't keep me busy enough....

He didn't win the competition in the end however, he should have.

It's a lovely song. Dude is from Pakistan. They get internationals in to sing. It's a fun show. I have no idea what is going on with it now. There was this girl from America on the show too. Mauli something. She sang well too and didn't stop being her bad ass desi American self.


sakina said...

i love him!!! why didnt he win!??! that sucks! at least we'll hear/see him in the next farah khan movie :)

Iqbal Khaldun said...

Yeah that bloke is awesome, certainly has a bright future ahead of him.

By the way I'm in Pakistan July-October. If you're around let me know!!

Anonymous said...

Get back to blogging..plz..I am hooked. U must be back from Sri Lanks - probably, taking time out chillin in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zahra,

My name is Asma & im also a HUGEEEEEEE fan of Amanat Ali,,, Here is a great news for all his lovers & fans,, his FIRST SOLO ALBUM "KOHRAM" & his first music video are releasing on this valentines Feb 14th, 2009 :-)))).. isnt it sooooo exciting??? :-))).. u can write me if u want so i can give u more updates on that... Lets get ready for a rocking & the most hapening album/video ;)))

& yeh dont wory, its not an internet spam or roumer at all,, this info is confirmed by AMANT ALI himself,,, ;)