Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dear Future Employer

You may have googled me and found my blog...I don't really hide it. My current employer big boss man just recently, as in this last week, said to me, careful Zehra, your blog is out there and more and more, employers use google and can see blogs etc and read about you and gauge your employability on it. I didn't believe that employability was a word but my spell checker is not picking it up so I guess it is...good one. Learned something new today, but I digress...

I think it's sweet that my Big Boss is telling me to be careful of my internet footprint. I don't want to make fun of British people since I do love them, but dude, how is it that they are sooooooo far behind on the curve? Things always seem to be at least 5 years behind in the UK than they are in the States. I am fully aware and would hope that I would be googled before I took a job. I google future potential employers. (MR if you are reading this since I just applied for a job with you, only good interesting things showed up)...

I am who I am, and this blog is meant to entertain and keep me sane. It's thoughts and bits and pieces all strung together and it's mostly apolitical...mostly. But when working, I am super careful about what I write and tend to keep off controversial stuff. It's cool. I don't really have an issue with it. I hope you don't either.

My line manager said something interesting to me about how annoying I can be. Turns out I am not, which I still find hard to believe since he is a Brit and I am an American and a loud one at that and overly earnest about work, but it seems the only time I annoyed him was on the phone interview. After which he hired me even though he found me irritating. I still think he is being diplomatic since I think I am a handful to manage but in a good way. I let my managers manage me, which is important.

So yeah....if you all are reading this and wondering if you are going to hire me, the answer to that is yes, you do want to hire me. Even if I am irritating over a phone interview. At workshops, when we are laying out 'ground rules (phones on silent, when someone is talking we listen, respect for all opinions etc), I sometimes say to the group, I know I sound American and I know it can be grating on the ear and soul, but really, give it 15 minutes and it will be OK. You will get over it. Which irritates people that I say stuff like that since I am doing it in an American accent and attitude which yeah, most people hate, but really, in 15 minutes, they figure out it's not so bad and they like me.

What a weird post this is. But I enjoyed writing it. I don't really expect any future employer to really be reading this...just being facetious since it's fun and I wanted to make fun of Brits being behind the curve on the "INTERNET". Don't really like missing chances to be able to publicly make fun of the Brits...we are a language separated by culture. And I only make fun since I love you so much....

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Anonymous said...

Dear Zehra,

Hope you are well. I just came across your blog. Great stuff! I am writing to you because my partner and I are launching a website that will be populated with cross-cultural information about every country in the world. We will be looking to the web community to help do this with all the information being available for free. I was wondering if you and/or members from your community may be able to help us out with the Sri Lanka pages. We would love your input. Let me know if you would be open to this and I'll send along a brief questionnaire. Please also feel free to check out the website, become a member (it's free!) and add to the guide.

Thank you for your time!


Michael Landers
Director - Culture Crossing