Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Here is a whole slew of appalling things:

I didn't blog the whole month of March

I may be addicted to Facebook but just the Pimp Fight application for which I blame Asad Jaferi.

I didn't quit smoking (I never said I would)

I posted a photo of myself in a bikini on Facebook after I made friends with everyone I knew when I was growing up in a conservative Muslim community and I suspect that they all have me on limited profile since we may all be in our late twenties and early thirties but god forbid we forget the year we hit puberty and hormones flew around under scarves, facial fuzz, between curtains and in the parking lot.

Someone I have never met but I guess knows me has decided that they don't like me. And I was told about it.

My all mighty adopted currency, The Pound, slipped a bit to the dollar. Damn thing always does around payday. Amazing what a difference a four day delay because of a trans-atlantic bank transfer can make.

I was sure I had more appalling things to talk about. Hmmm, seems not. Happy go lucky kinda girl. I need to finish writing reports. This was a fun procrastination which I shall try to indulge in more. Our program finishes in THREE MONTHS so crunch time is on!


Alka said...

Z baby - I can't find you on facebook so you have to find me. Are you hiding among all the friends we have in common? I am getting addicted too. And... in 3 months I will be moving to the Bronx and you are welcome to come by and stay as long as you like when you finish in SL. We will turn it into the tropics for you to feel at home.


The Buddha Smiled said...

I cannot believe you're on Facebook and I haven't found you as yet; wait till I do and we can b*tch slap each other the whole day on Superpoke...

Sorry I couldn't make the birthday in SL - am DYING to visit the country (especially since its one of the few I don't need a frickin' visa for with my beautiful blue passport) but things are just totally insane.

We wants pics of Ampara.....

PS - just blogrolled you...