Saturday, February 23, 2008

More on Slum Tours

Things happen perhaps not so coincidentally....

Damian left a comment on my blog that I saw today about my previous post on Dharavi and slum tours and he has a post about Kroo Bay. I also went onto Facebook (evil) today after ages and I was invited to join a group that at this point has only 82 members and it is called, I love Kroo Bay.

Kinda cool, eh? Something I have not heard about and all of a sudden, it comes at me from two totally different places. Love it.

I would talk about what Kroo Bay is but go see what Damian has written about it since he writes better than me.

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Damian said...

Such coincidences lead us to the things we need to know about but hadn't stumbled across yet. Have you read Paulo Coelho? (I know, a bit cliched now, but hey.)

Facebook is evil. But while I'm on there I reckon I'll check that group out.