Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the Ampara blog!

Nick Young the BRCS CEO wrote his Ampara part of the blog. It is tooooo sweet. We had a lovely time. Read about it here and it is the weekend, sooooon so I will write more then. I hope! The blog entry for the 25th of Feb is the one on Ampara.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


The Chief Exec of the British Red Cross is out here visiting us and he went first to our sister program in Batti and he blogs! I love the fact that he blogs.

Go read it here. The first post is up and I know there are more that are filtering through. I can't wait till he writes about Ampara. month

Very sad that I call Feb my month and yet this is my first post for Feb. It is my month since tomorrow, I turn 30. YAY!

I have been meaning to write but I have been out and about traveling. And things have been busy. Was in Surrey, UK for some management training, a post that is waiting to happen, and got to see friends in London which was lovely and then back to Sri Lanka.

Emma wants me to write about the primaries in the US and I would love to but it is kind of strange since I am not really there and not following as closely as I should be. All I check to see is that Barack Obama, the candidate I am endorsing (belated drum roll please, but really, is it surprising?), is still ahead. It is exciting and I get made fun of by all the Brits that I work with because they think it is all a little bit soppy (I was telling people last night about how I love his line, We are the change we have been waiting for, and that will pretty much do it for me....I love it. How inspiring). I think he is awesome and I want him to win and I think the whole thing is very exciting and this is what I love about America. We are still a country who can have elections/primaries, such as this one. This is really what we should be about.

If Clinton really loved America, she would stop now.

I just had a week vacation with my sisters. They both came over for the first time to Sri Lanka and we had an amazing early birthday party for me at the house of my country coordinator, and it was nice to have my worlds meeting and liking each other. I think my sisters were surprised that people I work with put up with me with the same love and tolerance that they do.

I am back at work after a relaxing lovely holiday and so revved up to be back. And I turn 30 tomorrow which is totally exciting to me as well. Two photos of me...some from the party when I was opening up my gifts and the other from my vacation. I didn't really get out of my pajamas for the 4 days. It was awesome. Photo credit goes to my camera and the lovely Saks who was the official holiday photographer.

I do hope I write more about the month of February. Just wanted to touch base for now but lots to write about, stuff that has been going round and round in my head....I wish I were more articulate...

More on Slum Tours

Things happen perhaps not so coincidentally....

Damian left a comment on my blog that I saw today about my previous post on Dharavi and slum tours and he has a post about Kroo Bay. I also went onto Facebook (evil) today after ages and I was invited to join a group that at this point has only 82 members and it is called, I love Kroo Bay.

Kinda cool, eh? Something I have not heard about and all of a sudden, it comes at me from two totally different places. Love it.

I would talk about what Kroo Bay is but go see what Damian has written about it since he writes better than me.