Saturday, December 08, 2007


Pakistan was recently having issues which I think I failed to mention or write about since I like to live in lala land when it comes to thinking or writing about Pakistan and on that note, a brilliant comedy sketch video courtesy of youtube and my sister who sent it to me from an amazing show that used to be on tv back when Pakistan was a VERY cool, hip happening place with lots of culture, cutting edge thought and intelligence. The show was called Fifty Fifty and it was basically like Saturday Night Live or Little Britian with little sketches etc with a cast of comedians. This clip is called Disco Chor, meaning Disco Thief and this is probably circa 1975..



Iqbal Khaldun said...


50/50 isn't a comedya show man, it's an institution!

PS lala land is favourable to real world Pakistan these days :-S

hinna said...

this brings a (happy) tear to my eye. too dope. thank you for posting this.