Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Grinch

So, supposedly, I have the look of a Bombay girl gone baaaaaaaaad! I don't know how I feel about that. I am not sure I even know what that means.

It's the 31st of Dec, like any other day. That is my story and I am sticking to it. I hate new year's and all the hype around it which is always anti climactic. Why do we feel the need to celebrate this day? Why the need to celebrate it SOOOOOOOO much? Yuck, thooey.

We never did anything about it when we were kids and I always felt like I was being left out of something. I recall once as a kid, and this is the only new year's I remember as a child, where my sisters and I heard firecrackers outside and we bounded into our parents room all full of vim and vigor and my mom totally deflated us and sent us back to bed. We cracked open a kit kat between the three of us (the fourth extra stick was evenly divided and I think our feeling of bonding was so strong that there was no argument who was getting the bigger piece of the fourth bar and in fact, we were all being sacrificing souls and pushing the minusculy bigger piece onto each other so that the person with the shortest piece could justifiably feel even worse and be the heroine of the night), we wished each other and went to bed.

My first new year's party was in Todt Hill, Staten Island. My older sister had a friend and it is the only time we went to her house and every time I pass the signpost to her house on the highway, I think about it. I must have been 17, I guess and it was this aunty uncle party and I recall thinking, wow, my parents are letting us go to a new year's party. It was a big step for us. This must have been when my sister came back from doing her first fieldwork since something happened and all of a sudden, we were allowed, just the three of us to drive ourselves far distances...distances beyond the mall which had also just opened up to us even though Appie could drive perfectly well for years. You give an inch, they take a younger sister in her last year of high school drove herself to school everyday...unheard of. Never mind that she now lives in her car and comes and goes at all odd hours and my parents don't bat an eyelash if all of a sudden they wake up in the morning and find her sleeping on the couch when she is supposed to be four hours away in DC and probably started her drive at 8 pm with stops all along the way to say hi to her various friends who are scattered over the DC to NJ belt which I think they should rename in Saks honor. Beltway Saks.

So, I hate new year's but at least I tried it first before I started to loathe it. I like learning by doing.

Plan is to make some pasta and sit with a bottle of wine, like any other night, talk to the people I am living with and fall asleep peacefully. Hurrah!

I don't do resolutions either since I make and break them all the time....actually, not true. I make only the ones that I know I can keep for the most know what? I don't make resolutions. I just live my life.

Happy fucking New Year people with lots of love from the New Year Grinch.


Nezha said...

Hey Zehra, lol it's funny how parents change over time...Mine are the same in Canada has mellowed them. My new year's is going to suck family is away and all my friends are spending it with their families...i'll probably just end up in front of the computer, blogging (this stuff is so addictive, both me and my family are starting to worry about the time i spend in front of a computer...i tell them i'm studying but they just don't buy it :(.

Billy said...

Ding Dong z... happy pah humbug, hope you are having an enjoyable 2008, don't worry it won't last long, never does.... xxxx

Zayd said...

It seems that just as you were growing up, your parents grew up as well.

never did understand overproective Indian and Pakistani parents anyway.

Anonymous said...

pssht... i don't buy your business for a second lady! I remind you that last new year you filled your apartment with visitors and made a smashing party with games, food, wine, fireworks, and fried chicken!!

you enjoyed yourself, i know you did!!!!

lots of love


nick naeem said...

from full enforced hijab at home to this freedom.

you became your own woman.

proud of you.

Alka said...

i hate new years eve too. but i love new years day. one of these days i will actually wake up to it instead of going to sleep right when it starts and missing it all in some recovery daze. but anyway, you girls did turn out well but i know you can also be very naughty.