Thursday, November 22, 2007

The joys of dial up on a mac

I kitted out my mac in a big way....well, it feels like a big way to me and this will be a repetition from my early Ampara days, (round one), where I would try and upload photos on the home line and repeatedly fail but unfailingly try...and so we try again. It is interesting to type on two different keyboards, by the way. I have a swiss keyboard for work and a normal American one for play. Though I want this play one to become a real all the time one, but we will see.

Nice evening. We did the budgets on a projector, which was just too cool. We had to cut money. Old hands at dev work know what that mean, but for me, a child of the tsunami heydays, this a new concept....we don't have buckets of funding? We can't throw money at people? What? Who? Are you joking? I love it. I have always been a little freaked out (ok, very freaked out) by the amount and the ways in which money was being handed out after the tsunami and I like that restraint is now being shown and projects thought out about more carefully.

This blog has been in draft mode for a while, since I thought I lost it (the joys of a mac on dialup), so I shall post now and expand on the topic above, which I like and on which I had written in great length only for it to all get lost....or so I thought. Atleast I got the above two paras...

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