Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Home Sweet Home?

It is home sweet home! I am back in Ampara after a while (was in Colombo for a week for security training and then off on my first ever R&R in Hawaii!), and my does it feel good to be back or what? It feels good is the answer to that.

I feel like I have to write a huge long post somehow to explain my absence but I don't think I will. Will post a picture instead of me and the partial team before I left with our cool RC gear.

I bought a new mac and I am not currently using it and I bought a new iPod which I am also not currently using. Having strange separation anxiety with my old gear and I want to set the new one up properly...which I should do soon since I have a ton of photos and my camera will not upload to this computer since the CD Drive is busted.

I joined facebook. I don't really want to talk about it.

I am happy to be back in a place where I have once again made a home. So strange, but I have.

More sooooooooooooon.


Iqbal Khaldun said...

Haha you caved into the Facebook fairies! Love the pic, look very hip hop. Did you still want a post on the evil eye/whirling chickens above your head thingo? Apologies for the long hiatus.

Emma said...

I can't BELIEVE your hats say "come on you reds!"

lots of love