Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bad Zee

I make all these promises to write and then I do not. Bad bad Zee. Anyhow, here I am again, and writing and perhaps even going so far as to post photos...it all depends. The adventures in trying to get my mac all good to go are not progressing so well. In Colombo for a few days and trying to get the Microsoft office suite on my machine and they want 350 USD, which they are not going to get. I also finally held the iPhone in my hands. I have been wanting this piece of technology in my hands soooooo badly for sooooooo long and I think that is all I really wanted. To hold it in my hands. It is too big. And they are charging 1000 USD for it here only since it is not really out and only if you are super cool and deprate to prove you are cool will you buy it in Asia. I am not that desparate and I didn't like holding it all that much, truth be told. The coolest thing was that you can make things bigger and smaller with your fingers. I liked that bit. My fingers are too big to type anything on the machine however.

Never buy first generation Apple products. I shall wait.

So, I hae been in Colombo and got to see two awesome friends who I have not in a long time (two years) and that was amazing and we went around everywhere and saw everything (in two days) and had an all around rockiing time. Too many stories in that one but the main point is that I got to hang out with two people I love and it was good to be able to catch up and see them again.

Mew birthday plans are afoot. Stay tuned in this space for more information. I am liking it more and more....

A team photo that we took recently for your viewing pleasure. All our movements have been suspended for two days since today, in just about a few minutes, the LTTE leader, Prabakharan, is going to make his annual Heroes Day Address and it is always interesting to see what he will say. It is supposed to be about the LTTE laying out their plans for the year etc etc and lots has been going on and it is anybodies guess what he will say. They do the element of suprise well. Needless to say, in preparation, intimidation and general sense of fostering fear in the public, Colombo has been checkpoint heaven where you get stopped pretty much every two minutes or so and you had better have your passport or even better, someone white in the car with you. Though even that does not work in every situation anymore....

OK, I think it is time to go home. I have either been bitten to death by sand flies or I have chicken gunya. If i feel flu like tomorrow, I am in big trouble. I think it is a combination of sand flie and then mosquitoes in this Colombo office. Colombo is so seriously nasty that way...everyone gets dengue or chicken gunya...which is a lovely name for an illness, I think.

And no photo this time either...sorry!

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