Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Check it out, photos, photos and more photos. I have been gone for a long time and need to update my blog, I know. If for no one else then for Clem who faithfully reads this page. Thanks Clem. You are about to be mentioned in my next post so I will move onto saying what the pictures are about. First up we have mr barney. He is either praying or in an obscene pose for the hell of it. Earlier that week he had been slobbered over by the dogs (BlackieSpark, exhibits 2 and 3 in the photos), and roughed up a little and I think was exhausted (not to mention nasty with dog slobber. He is ok now. He does travel with me. Thank god he did not get lost in my bag which is still lost in the American Airlines Abyss.

BlackieSpark are the next two photos. They are jungle monkies in the body of dogs. They are cute and at times smelly and notty. I inherited them with the house. I love doggies. These have ticks and fleas and bite and take flying leaps into my head when I am laying in bed but they are cute nonethelss. Blackie is more of a junglee.

The last two photos are from the coconut plantation that we have up and running (not from my team but the one headed by Hrusi). I love the photo of my and Hrusi. I am holding out my hands since they have henna on them, one hand which I did by myself the night before Eid as one is supposed to and the other the next day at the house of a Field Officer. His very pregnant sister in law got out of bed and hunched over me and decorated my hand for me. I asked her to get back into bed but to no avail.

OK, new post coming soon. I am taking short break works to do this. It has been far too long.

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What, no photo credits? Shocked!