Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Man Booker Prize

Check out this article about the Man Booker Prize. You can now read all the entries online. My poor eyes. Does anyone know the winning book? Called The Gathering, Irish family saga, bleak and distrubing and gripping and powerful. One would think we would come up with more hackneyed adjecdtives than that. Written by a woman named Enright. I don't know it. I am going to know it.


emma said...

hey there Z,
what a lovely lovely suprise. I was doing the daily blog perusal expectant to be disappointed that the world is still mad for bill, chris and caz are still on about how facebook has taken over their blogtime, and speed dating muslim style is all the rage in the US of A.

But nooooo... lots and lots of new fun interesting posts. I apologise for my postcard lack. I have acquired a couple of postcodes just haven't sent them yet. But i will! I would like to say today but it's not going to happen - 2 papers and 1 exam prep to go for monday. boo
lots of love

appies and the mr. murtazas said...

i am using smitten and am smitten. we miss you. write more on the blogs. loveappie