Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's raining, rain, hallelujah

Actually, if you are in Ampara, it's raining men as well, but that is another post.

So, the last time I was here, and I do believe I wrote about this and posted a photo as well of water logged roads, we were all hyped for the monsoon and as far as i can recall, it didn't really come in the way I had imagined a monsoon. So, this time, I was mentally prepared for the hype and no delivery but lo and behold, no hype (lot sof praying for the rain so that the harvest will be good), and it is raining and raining and raining. I need boots. Big ones.

The rain is making me feel like I want to curl up into bed. It also means I can't wear white clothes not because I go to the field and I can get dirty but, no, because when I come home, BlackieSpark like to jump on one with their dirty nasty little paws and I end up mud streaked from them rather than from work. Bastards.

Rain means mosquitoes. I already had my one sickeness for the year, I would like to think, so dengue can take a hike. It's still itchy though. It also means frogs. I don't know enough about frogs to know the name of the ones that are creating an incredible racket right now. I heard it last night for the first time after a long time and with cigarette in one hand and a GT in the other, I turned to Mick and said, oh, how lovely, I had missed their music. Ten deafening minutes later, I amended that to, mother fuckers shut up! They won't listen. Damn them.

Right now, sitting at the desk where the postcards collect and I have a good view of everything that is our house (including Mr Mick comotose and reading on our new Paradise Road sofa...he is reading The Great Gatsby. That too is another post. I re read the book recently, I love it)...anyhow, so sitting here, I can hear the incessant loud croaking of some frogs, and then, all other sorts of noises of insects. Like, really loud noises. The rain has slowed so they have moved into fill the void of silence with their own din. And it is a din.

There are some insect with huge translucent wings that have been flying around (no, not dragon flies), and every morning when I go to put my shoes on outside, there is a carnage of just wings. Now, they might just have a lifespan (or wingspan) of a night, or, BlackieSpark are chasing them down and killing them. No bodies, but perhaps they eat those, just wings. They do bark at night our doggies, but mostly we assume they are barking because A: they are dogs and that is what dogs do, B: they are choking on the chicken or fish bones we fed them, C: monkeys are running around on our roof or D: their two siblings are in the house next door and they like to bark at each other. It might be time to add option E that they like barking when killing fly like creatures with fly like wings and eating them delicately enough to not have harmed their wings at all.

I can't wait to get a camera to show you all this.

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