Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Send Me Postcards

So, I want to write about postcards in order to encourage people I know to send me one. I got one. At my cute home in Ampara town with just my name and address on it all the way from La Rochelle, France. Sakina, my younger sister was there and we tried it as an experiment and lo and behold, within two weeks, I had a postcard delivered to my house, a little missive of love from far away.

I love getting mail. When I was younger, I would write letters to people and would try over and over to get people to write back to me. One of my favorite books (and I am using the phrase, when I was younger very liberally...I mean within the last ten years, so technically, that phrase works, but I don't mean when I was 15 or 9, I mean an age where one is socially, age-ly recognized as an adult)....where was I? Ah yes, The Venetian's Wife was a book I loved since it was all about letters (ok, fine emails), and stuff.

We have this family thing where whenever we travel, we send postcards home to our parents. My two sisters are WAY better about it than I am (a typical postcard from me, if I even send one, says, Hi, miss you, love you, put this on the fridge, love z). The postcards tend to be lovely. My elder sister, Appie, actually just has these plain white cards that she then draws on and sends home to us. Which I love. I think she needs to start drawing a weekly update for me and send it to me. The postcard Sakina sent was a store bought one but she made drawings over it of herself doing activities that one does in La Rochelle, (biking, swiming, cafe-ing, walking etc as far as I can tell).

Actually, you know how I love my cluster map (scroll a little down on the right hand side to the map) and there are people from all over coming onto my blog, would you all terribly mind sending me a postcard? I want to see how many postcards make it out here in Ampara, Sri Lanka. You would be making a homesick aid worker very happy. I will keep a log on my blog of all postcards received with special categories of most creative, most sweet, furthest flung location, most bizarre etc. Please please. Anyone reading this blog, send me (and my housemate, Mick) a postcard. I will, once I get a camera soon, take photos once a week of the post cards I receive. Special postcards will be replicated on my blog. And really, it would make me SOOOOOO happy to receive mail. Real mail that I can touch and hold close to my heart (and wash my hands after since god knows where these postcards have been).

So give a shout, send some love in the form of a post card.

Zehra and Mick
138 Buddangala Road
Ampara Town, Ampara
Sri Lanka.

And no one stalk me but Mick and I were talking about this and we decided you would have to be a real dedicated stalker to come all the way out to Ampara, which Lonely Planet in their last edition before the new one said, don't stop there if you can help it. I like Ampara but really, don't expect to show up and shack up with us (if you can get through my security guard, which if you are not brown, you can), since my security rules do not allow for visitors. You may sleep outside the gates if you wish. With all the vicious street dogs and burning garbage. I hope that is enough to deter people. Though again, if you are that much of a dedicated stalker, maybe you deserve atleast an audience with Mick and I. We would rather you sent us a postcard instead which we will then display on a prominent wall on our house and pose with and post photos of on here. Though Mick is on facebook (I know, i can't believe it either...evil evil the rest of the world, barring me, out there), so perhaps he will post his pictures on there. Maybe he should tell him facebook friends to send us stuff too. Will mention it to him. Does facebook work that way? I really fucking hate that I even had to say the word facebook. Though all my friends are on there and no one really reads my blog so I might be getting diddly squat in terms of postcards. Prove me wrong people.

Show some love.


Billy said...

There is no postal system in Liberia, well there may be one, but nothing ever arrives, or leaves apparently.... so no postcard from me.
Good idea though Z

Saks said...

Ahem, I sent one.. and I know it got there. just checkin to see my bootiful post. oh wait there isnt one yet. :P