Saturday, September 08, 2007

Post Worthy Postcard Story

Just in case people are too lazy to go through the comments, here is one I had on my postcard post which is just toooo lovely to not have as its own post. Which is the only way you can get Emma to post anything on a blog since she refuses to write one herself even when she is forced to do so. Good for you, Emma, don' succumb to the pressure.

Emma Waller said...
Can i tell you a lovely postcard story? My mum and her best mate Caroline send postcards to each other that they make. They are both artists, and have for many years shared each others, but currently live on opposite sides of the world. Mum is in Melbourne, Caroline is in Paris. They send one a week or something. These postcards and the art they put on them is their dialogue. According to them a postcard has no well-defined dimension and is not of a particular substance. A postcard is a bit of something that is not put in an envelope but is sent through the post.

Anyway, it's fantastic. They now have 2 years worth of postcards they have made for each other that document their life. They also send two sketch books between each other that they take turns in drawing/painting/sticking/writing in.

Neat huh?

So that was a postcard story for you. =)

lots of love

Go thesis go thesis GO

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emma said...

OH dear, i would have spent just a tad more time writing coherent english if i knew i was going to get published! I got published! YAAHHH!!!

Thanks toots.