Friday, September 07, 2007

Bits and Bobs

I did mean to be better about writing. I am being notty. Just a quick one, to say HI to Pam, who commented on my blog and yes, of course I remember you and I need to write a blog entry about my travel writing days in Indonesia and all the people I met and things I saw and first time traveled with a backpack and was not a good backpacker since I don't like being smelly or living in crappy quarters.

The dissertation as I was so nicely reminded by Bill about it and I know you are all agog with exceitement to hear about this: I have not finished it yet. It is due in about a week's time...little more but let's say a week and I am starting to take it seriously, which for me translates to a light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone around me here is being very supportive (and no, no one can read it), and I did some shopping on Amazon and got some really cool books which will make me smart but they won't write my dissertation for me (neither will my sisters, and I thought blood was thicker than anything, goes to show you).

I still love work. My luggage is still lost. I bought new clothes. And new shoes. And all sorts of pretty dishes. Plan ongoing to revamp the house. Oh, and most importantly, I finally get what I am doing at work and have started taking ownership of programs and decisions which is both terribly exciting and scary.....would not want it any other way. Will attempt to put up a photo, but it was being bad last time....

And it is still being bad. Next time, but till then, big kisses.

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Emma Waller said...

Can i tell you a lovely postcard story? My mum and her best mate Caroline send postcards to each other that they make. They are both artists, and have for many years shared each others, but currently live on opposite sides of the world. Mum is in Melbourne, Caroline is in Paris. They send one a week or something. These postcards and the art they put on them is their dialogue. According to them a postcard has no well-defined dimension and is not of a particular substance. A postcard is a bit of something that is not put in an envelope but is sent through the post.

Anyway, it's fantastic. They now have 2 years worth of postcards they have made for each other that document their life. They also send two sketch books between each other that they take turns in drawing/painting/sticking/writing in.

Neat huh?

So that was a postcard story for you. =)

lots of love

Go thesis go thesis GO